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Can I claim through Medicare?

Yes, all appointments or interaction with our doctors are able to be claimed through Medicare. This includes doctor’s consultation for GP appointment, for injury sustained, for X-Ray images, fracture (broken bone) management, dislocation management.

Why am I out of pocket?

Medicare cover some, but not all of our fees. The ‘gap’ for doctor’s consultation and management is an out of pocket cost. Equipment used like slings, plaster, crutches or other consumables are a cost to you.

What are the ambulance costs at Mt Hotham Alpine Resort?

All medical assessments and treatments will be initiated with our experienced team. There are some cases where we need to transfer you to a hospital for further investigations, treatment and care.


At times, this is required to be by Ambulance Victoria, by road or by helicopter. We highly recommend you have ambulance insurance for these costs. Please click here for Ambulance Victoria membership. 

Do you bulk bill?

We are a private practice, meaning there are costs associated with your visit.

I need my pathology taken, can you do that?

Yes. We can take and send pathology if you have a pathology form. Please call ahead to ensure we are sending pathology that day, and to arrange a time to come in.

I have a script for my medications, can I get them from you? 

We have a selection of over the counter medications available. We do not have the facility to fill scripts, however we can send your script to Bright Pharmacy.


Please ensure you have enough essential medications for your trip to Mt Hotham Alpine Resort.

Are you testing for COVID 19?

Please see more information on our COVID 19 page or Alpine Health here

Does my private health cover the


You are welcome to take our receipts to your private health or travel insurance company to try to claim your costs independently through them. We recommend travel insurance for your visit to Mt Hotham Alpine Resort.

I have injured myself and can't continue my holiday, can I get a refund for my lift ticket?

You can request a snow credit through Hotham Ticketing. Please ensure to ask about a medical certificate from us.

I have lost my X-Rays or referral, what do I do?

Do you have a physiotherapist? 

Hotham Physio is located at Last Run Bar.

Please call 0428 292 265 for more information.

Feedback & Complaints 

If you would like to make a complaint or provide feedback - please send in writing to

Your submission will be review and responded to within 14 days business days.

Do you have COVID Vaccines?

Please refer to our COVID - 19 Changes Page 

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